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Wii review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

June 29, 2012

Rhythm Heaven Fever!

Recently, my girlfriend found a five dollar copy of UmJammer Lammy at Cash-In Culture. Citing an intense love for PaRappa the Rapper, which she has beaten, she purchased the game and we sped home to play it.

It was nonsense.

After a garish Playstation-era CGI intro, Chop Chop Master Onion came onscreen and we repeatedly/endlessly failed to master his lame raps. Our failure wasn’t the typical kind, the humbling sort that reflects a gamer’s limitations and asks them to overcome. It arose from utter confusion. We pressed buttons and Lammy seemed to respond positively, but soon we were demoted from Good to Bad with no audiovisual cue to explain where we went wrong. Our demotions weren’t accompanied by jarring guitar chords or feedback. Nothing was telling us why we sucked.

We shelved the game.

I’m not telling you this to show how bad I am at videogames, but to show how far we’ve come over the years. Lammy may be the godmother of rhythm games, but she’s aged hard. The stale raps, vague cues, and late-90s kitsch just don’t hold up.



Welcome to Catstronaut Loves Games!

June 28, 2012

Personally, I think it’s nonsense how serious gaming’s gotten. People draw battle lines, spit vitriol over games X versus Y, and shout into the void for legitimacy.

Hush that fuss. It’s cool. Games are legitimate.

Even so, games could stand to grow up a bit, and so could we as gamers. We should engage in open and honest discussion of games: Game criticism, rather than gamer criticizing. Let’s just chill, and think, and talk about games as they are. Let’s talk about what they mean to us.

I’ve started this blog to keep my writing and art skills sharp, and to talk about the games I love or think are mostly okay. I hope it keeps your reading skills sharp too, and that you’ll join the discussion. No matter what you do, though, just enjoy yourself. Life’s too short to hate the games you play.

– Tom K, Catstronaut Loves Games