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Resident Evil 6’s strange mutation

September 26, 2012

Resident Evil 4 requires measured commitment. The controls are so stiff, every movement so fine, that players need to plan a step ahead. There’s not always time to take the shot – Leon needs to ready his weapon and sweep his laser sight across vast inches of screen space. Often, the best course of action is to run past axe swings and whipping plagas to reload and regroup. Every movement is precise. Every action works just so.

Since then, Capcom has been breaking down those limitations with modern innovations like twin stick movement and shots from the hip. Based on the demo for Resident Evil 6, player limitations have been broken down almost completely. Needing to ready your weapons is the only holdover of the old style.

It almost feels like every other third person shooter.



XBLIndie review: Apple Jack 2

September 17, 2012

Apple Jack 2’s core gameplay is mostly unremarkable. Owing its mechanical foundation to Super Mario Bros. 2, Apple Jack 2 is all about jumping on enemies, picking them up, then throwing them about.

It’s a fairly limited focus compared to most puzzle platformers. Apple Jack can aim before he throws enemies, arcing them towards other enemies and switches. Similarly colored baddies pop when they collide, dropping collectable fruits and vegetables.

Pretty standard stuff, until you start comboing. Whenever you pop two enemies, you have a short grace period to pop two more. Every pop doubles your multiplier – and the amount of fruit you earn. That first x64 multiplier is absolutely glorious, but things go bananas if you keep popping.


XBLIndie review: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

September 3, 2012

You’re the first character, of course. Who else would you be? You give him your name and face, then name the two others. Maybe they’re your best friends, maybe your girlfriend, maybe her cat. You’re travelling westward. Manifest destiny and stuff. Covered wagons, bonnets, oxen.

Things will go wrong. That’s the nature of your journey. Bandits roam the trail. Wolves. Snakes. Bears.


Your three settlers have a hard road ahead. Sometime between your mom stumbling drunk into a campfire and your best friend dying of bee stings, something extraordinary happens. Maybe you decide that leaping a river is smarter than fording it, and a strong wind carries your wagon into orbit. Maybe your shooting causes a prairie fire, turning buffalo herds into raging fireballs. Maybe you find love.