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Stay skilled and chain kills in Xbox 360’s most essential shooters

October 26, 2012

Shooters are awesome, and the Xbox 360 has become a shooting game powerhouse. I won’t go into long-winded genre history or preface with the unique appeal of shooting games, but I will highlight some of the best games on the system. If your favorite is missing, don’t worry – I culled a lot of titles, and some of my favorites got cut, too.

No worries then, right? Here are my picks for the 360’s most essential shooters.



DS review: Dragon Quest 9

October 8, 2012

My martial artist, Jiro, crushes enemies. Clothed in blue jeans, cat ears, and tortoise shell armor, he frequently one-shots pitiful bosses after reaching a state of super high tension, anime hair glowing purple as he claws into them.

Gwen uses her paladin brawn to soak up hits for Jiro when his health gets dangerously low, while Renia casts multi-target healing spells to keep everyone fighting. Tom eggs Jiro on, allowing him to raise his tension at double rate. When bosses begin negating Jiro’s tension boosts, Tom spears them with thunderous criticals instead.

After years of roleplaying characters who can do everything, managing distinct abilities and combat roles is refreshing. You’ll want a priest to start, of course, but how you structure your team is entirely player-driven. Character classes feel refreshingly different from one another, at least until you begin combining classes and doubling up on abilities.