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Wii U review: Rayman Legends

January 17, 2014


Rayman Legends captures a sense of style and cohesiveness that its predecessor so sorely lacks. No longer is each world a too-random assortment of off-the-wall platforming tropes. Instead, they’re unified by a shared mythology, an overarching folklore that feels rooted as much in our world as Rayman’s.

Legends’ world is one of Norse warriorettes, trollish toads, and jeering giants; there are dragonslayers and dragons to be slain. Even when the game breaks off from its mythos to explore underwater research stations and foody fiestas, it remains consistent in a way that Rayman Origins’ randomly juxtaposed level and enemy design never did.



Reaching the goal pole

January 10, 2014


Why Nintendo can’t afford to abandon the Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii U continues to underperform, its sales dwarfed by the massive successes of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, its losses eroding profits earned by the handheld 3DS. Fans and non-fans alike are wondering if Nintendo will support their console through this generation, or if Nintendo might be better off just abandoning the Wii U entirely to develop new hardware.

There’s an incredible amount of armchair analysis going on, so let me do some of my own: abandoning the Wii U is absolutely the dumbest thing Nintendo could do right now. Nintendo’s not in a hard place. They’ve turned around failing systems before (see the aforementioned 3DS), and they have the financial means to see this through, for better or worse. Nintendo can afford to prop up the Wii U — but they can’t afford to tarnish their reputation.