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Rainboo road

February 27, 2014


For Nils Pfenning, a great friend and a true Nintendo fan.

This image is a printable poster. I’ve uploaded the massive version so you can print out a high-quality copy if you like. Save it to a flash drive and go down to Kinko’s or wherever and you can make an 11×17 copy for ~$3.

PS3 review: Dyad

February 12, 2014


Hyperpsychedelic bioluminolectric technomelodica

Dyad’s difficult to pin down. Up front it’s very centered around the player’s visual and aural experience, pulsating neon fractals perfectly complementing its adaptive electronic music. Dyad’s maximalist design is likely to baffle anyone walking by, admiring the experience even as they wonder what exactly is being played.

Picking up the controller strips away the blinding layers. Dyad may look for all the world like an experiential art game, but there’s a surprising core of gaminess underneath, taking its cues less from Rez than from tunnel shooters like Tempest and Space Giraffe.