So Mario Kart 8’s soundtrack is totally incredible


Nintendo always does a great job with its Mario Kart soundtracks, but they’ve seemingly outdone themselves with Mario Kart 8.

Listen to that crazy bass and jazzy everything in Mario Kart 8’s main theme, plus the beautifully pastoral violin on the remixed Moo Moo Meadows theme. The orchestration here is more energetic, more lively, more like actual music rather than canned videogame compositions.

Here’s the entire song list, courtesy of NeoGAF user Neoxon and the folks at My Nintendo News.

Mario Kart 8 races onto shelves May 30th. Keep following Catstronaut Loves Games for more Mario Kart coverage as the month goes on!


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2 Responses to “So Mario Kart 8’s soundtrack is totally incredible”

  1. Strawberry Says:

    I’ve seen My Nintendo News’ post about the soundtrack, but I didn’t read it or listen to the soundtrack. I want it to be a total surprise for when I get it.

    • catstronaut Says:

      I feel the same way — but I end up reading (and listening) to any news anyways. I’d love to play the game without knowing anything about it, but May 30th is so far away >_<

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