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Fury / Furrier / Furriest

September 16, 2014

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I’m wall-nuts, baby, I’m a zombie brainslave

September 10, 2014


If I haven’t written about Garden Warfare, it’s because I was too busy playing it to un-death. In the throes of my addiction I was topping out at ten hours a day, only stopping when some dumb stupid idiot hacked the Playstation Network, leaving me to endlessly refresh the Ask Playstation twitter for details.

I really love Garden Warfare, then, providing as it does a meaningful alternative to endless near-future military shooters by… mostly imitating Team Fortress 2 instead. Marine zombologists teleport into battle with squealing dolphin shotguns, while gape-mawed Chompers’ tunnel underground and chomp opponents from below. Maps feature fun-first design, with pirate ships, party mansions, and gem mines replacing typical war-torn wastelands. There’s something wonderful and playful here that we’ve been lacking ever since Call of Duty recodified (and ruined) competitive shooters.


Catstronaut hates hate

September 4, 2014


Videogames are a rapidly maturing medium — but you’ll never learn that from hate-filled players

The latest in videogame violence: Tropes vs Women in Videogames’ Anita Sarkeesian was forced from her home by death threats against her and her family, while Depression Quest creator Zoe Quinn suffered similar harassment at the center of a scandal called “GamerGate,” wherein she’s been accused of having sex with games journalists who gave Depression Quest positive press and favorable reviews.

It’s all so tiring, this constant bickering and infighting from a vocal fandom that explodes when, in lieu of anything better to talk about, Mass Effect 3’s ending fails to meet their expectations. I’ll include myself here, because I’ve been known to bicker: Mario Kart 64 just isn’t that great in the overall scope of the series, and I need everyone to know that.

But when outrage spills over into organized harrassment and threats of physical (and sexual) violence, sometimes I wonder what the point is in trying to talk to anybody about why videogames are cool, or good, or fun. Suddenly videogame reviews, reviews of a consumer entertainment product, are worth ruining people’s lives over. Forget that noise.