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Super Game Cubes

August 6, 2015




🌟 Hatsune Miku ~ World is Mine 🌟

January 29, 2015


The #1 princess in the world… right?


you invade our lands; you savage our people; you call us slime

January 10, 2015


The politics of Hatred

December 18, 2014


“At the end of the day you, gamers will judge if we were able to do a game that’s simply fun to play,” reads a press release from the developers of Hatred, a game about killing everyone you meet and then yourself. The trailer shows brutal stabbings and shotgun executions of civilians and policemen; the developer’s website describes it as anti-trend, a reaction to games “heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment.” Because the real way to create a mass-murder game that’s just entertainment is to infuse it with a politically charged message of artistic and authorial intent, obviously.

Members of the gaming community expressed outraged that Valve removed Hatred from Steam Greenlight after a petition was signed against it. There’s a constant worry among gamers that outsiders are going to take their videogame guns away, as if there’s any actual danger of violent games going extinct. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, Halo, Hotline Miami, Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Battlefield — videogame nice guy Nathan Drake makes a charming quip before gunning down two hundred nameless soldiers. Violent games aren’t going anywhere.

Case in point: Hatred is now back up for votes Steam Greenlight.


Fury / Furrier / Furriest

September 16, 2014

fursona small

There will be waaah

May 8, 2014


Nintendo brings Mario Kart 8′s roster up to thirty racers with the inclusion of Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach:

Hopefully they don’t continue down this endless spiral of creating metal and baby versions of every character. I have one question for you, Nintendo: where my Dry Bones at?

Which new or returning characters would you like to see in the next Mario Kart?

Rainboo road

February 27, 2014


For Nils Pfenning, a great friend and a true Nintendo fan.

This image is a printable poster. I’ve uploaded the massive version so you can print out a high-quality copy if you like. Save it to a flash drive and go down to Kinko’s or wherever and you can make an 11×17 copy for ~$3.


May 19, 2013


There’s been a fundamental change in the way we talk about videogames. Mechanical and graphical discussions have been ever-present since the medium’s inception, but lately they’re taking a backseat to discussions about deeper themes, undercurrents that go beyond a game’s scripted story. Players are willing to think about what games are saying implicitly.

That’s a really important change – we’re allowing games to flaunt their artistry.

We’re engaging with the content, asking ourselves if there’s something more being said. It’s not the game’s inherent qualities that have changed, but rather the audience’s willingness to connect with those qualities to pry out and explore deeper themes, to allow games to resonate with them. We like to think that games are advancing, and that one day they might be art, but the responsibility is on us to respect the stories they’re telling, and frame them within our cultural consciousness.