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PS4 review: TowerFall Ascension

March 12, 2014


Super Smash Towers Fall

The Playstation 4 just got its first great game in TowerFall Ascension, a riotously fun 4-player archery grudge match that’s near impossible to put down. Archers hop around multitiered platforming levels, firing arrows and dodging enemy shots. Conflicts can be snappy one-shot kills or back-and-forth dances between players; they end with calculated arc shots or lucky boot stomps or even suicides, as a player’s upturned arrow drops back to earth and onto their face.

TowerFall’s closest point of reference is Super Smash Bros with a touch of Spelunky. There are aerial platforms, fast-falls, bombable dirt clods, directional air-dodges, faux-retro graphics, platforming stomp attacks, and scads of items. It does for Smash Bros what Smash Bros did for the fighting genre, stripping it down and building it up again from an entirely new perspective.



PC review: Doom

July 15, 2013


Twenty years later, Doom remains the last word in fast-paced single player shooting. First person shooters have become an incredibly diverse genre, venturing into roleplaying territory and stealth action, but there’s very little out there that rivals Doom’s purity and speed. No game’s outstripped it in its own territory. Very few even try.

Having only recently played it for the first time, I was impressed by how well it holds up. Doom still feels incredibly fresh and increasingly relevant.